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Massage Therapy


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Massage Therapy

it is time to relax!


At Spa Utopia, we believe that a healthy pregnancy begins when you have made the decision to start or add to your family. The Healthy Pregnancy sessions combine massage and specific exercise techniques to promote the health and stability of your body as it adjusts to changes throughout your pregnancy.

Choose from the following sessions, depending on how close you are to changing those diapers.

Our therapists will work with you to develop a treatment to improve the strength, flexibility and stability of trouble areas as your body prepares for pregnancy.

This treatment helps manage muscular tension as your body adjusts to pregnancy. In addition to massage and breathing techniques, gentle exercises are recommended to strengthen and stabilize your lower back and abdominal core.

Expanding abdominals, growing breasts, and postural changes place increasing stress on your back, legs and shoulders. These massage therapy sessions are designed to reduce aches and pains, while specific recommended exercises stabilize your body.

During this trimester, treatments are focused on reducing muscular and joint discomfort. As your delivery date gets closer,relaxation becomes the priority. Both you and your baby will love it!

This session is both relaxing and therapeutic. Specific massage techniques are used to help your muscles and joints make a quick recovery. We also begin treating scars, such as those from a caesarean section. Pamper yourself as you mother your baby.